never too old to love

All across Hong Kong, pets bring joy and happiness to tens of thousands of families. Sad as it is, animal lives are short compared to humans and, at some point, pet owners need to face the death of their animal companions.

This website has been created as a part of the "Never Too Old to Love" campaign to provide a home for anyone experiencing the loss of a pet; we hope it will help in dealing with the trauma and play a part in the healing process.

About "Never Too Old to Love" Campaign and Wai-wai’s Story
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The bond between humans and animals is a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime. When facing the loss of a pet, the grief can be hard to navigate. Here are some articles and advice to help you cope and heal during this difficult time.

Memorial Wall

Commemorate your beloved pet by uploading your photos and short message to our memorial wall.
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Support Network

Samaritans Hong Kong

A non-profit, non-religious organisation providing confidential emotional support to people who are in emotional distress or suicidal

Mental Health Resource Hub
Love Forever Pets

Provides professional and diversified pet cremation services

Hong Kong Pet Memorial

Provides caring and comforting pet cremation and memorial services

Goodbye Dear

Hong Kong’s first pet hospice company

Hellodog Animal Companion Loss Counselling Program

Non profit Helldog Foundation provides self-help video tutorials and support group programmes for pet parents to help them go through emotional challenges after losing their pets

Mental Health Resource Hub
Mind HK

A local charity tha provides online mental support resources and training to ensure no one has to face emotional problem alone in Hong Kong

Mental Health Resource Hub