Pets rely on us to provide for them in every conceivable way. They need us to supply food, entertainment, exercise and stimulation. Looking after one can often be a labour of love. In return, however, they provide companionship and love.

Whether it’s a working animal such as a guide dog, a confidant for someone in their later years or a play pal for young children, animals create their own special magic in a home.

While some can overcome losing a pet quickly, others take years to conquer the trauma. That is why we created "Never Too Old to Love" – a toolkit of resources to help those who have lost or might be about to lose a much-loved pet.

This website is one of the first of its type and sits alongside bereavement art workshops to help with the grieving process as well as courses targeted at owners of aging pets to help them understand and prevent chronic diseases. Both of these are delivered by certified trainers and counsellors.

The campaign also includes the support of two quiet rooms at the SPCA’s new Tsing Yi Centennial Centre which will open soon. These will provide havens of tranquillity for pet owners in the immediate aftermath of losing a pet.

We hope our campaign will provide solace to those who have lost pets, helping them come to terms with the death while celebrating their lives.

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